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Imaginings delivers quality web design and development services that communicate your organization's ideals, values and vision, while providing you with an exceptional customer experience.

Imaginings also provides a menu of related services to help make your marketing efforts a success. Our level of engagement, flexibility, commitment to ethical, conscious business practices, and personable style leads to clients saying, "You're one of us!

If you want a team that will partner with you to make your website project a success, contact Imaginings today!

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It's About Building Relationships

At Imaginings, we have a passion for design and making our clients' lives easier. Diana Odem, founder, owner and Imagineer, is the Design and Development Department at Imaginings. She is also the Marketing Department, Accounting Department, Customer Service Department…you get the idea!

Diana's style is easygoing, personable and flexible, and she is committed to operating ethically and consciously. She gets to know her clients and understand their needs. Clients tend to think of her as "one of us" — as part of the team. A prolific problem-solver, Diana has been known to help clients solve problems unrelated to what they hired her for — even essentially becoming the IT Department for one of her clients!

Diana’s recent University of Denver degree — with heavy emphasis on law, public policy and social justice — has proven to be valuable for her and her clients, particularly when working with nonprofits. Her well-rounded expertise and creativity in multiple visual and digital mediums synergistically inform and shape her work.

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Diana — The Design and Development Department
what we do


Our custom web design and development services will help your small business or nonprofit organization communicate its vision and promote its services effectively and affordably. For a convenient one-stop shop experience, we can also update your site's content, register your domain name, host your website, design graphics and write copy for your marketing or promotional campaign.

Web Design and Development

Imaginings specializes in designing and building custom websites, as well as WordPress sites. Whether you need a new website built from scratch, have an existing site that is due for a refresh, or need content updates for an existing site, Imaginings has you covered.

We really take the time to listen to your needs, likes and dislikes. We also leverage our expertise to create a website that is attractive and communicates your organization's values, services and products effectively. We stay on top of the latest design and usability standards, so your site will be fresh, functional and optimized for search engines.

Imaginings can also update your site's content at regular intervals or on an as-needed basis. If you want to be able to edit or update your site's content yourself, we can build-in the level of capability that meets your needs, from a simple content management system (CMS) for a few select areas of text to an entire CMS-based site that gives you full editing capabilities.

Supplemental Services

Website Management

In addition to designing and building your website, we can also register your domain name, host your website, and make certain that both are kept up to date so you can avoid the worry of downtime caused by unmanaged, expired domain and hosting accounts. Email is included in our hosting packages, and we can set up and manage your organization's email accounts.

Graphic Design

Graphic design is an integral part of web design, so graphic design services are a natural extension of our web design services. Imaginings can save you money and help you maintain consistent design and branding standards across all forms of online and print media with our graphic design services. We can design your logo, business cards, flyers and other printed materials, and deliver press-ready files to you or your printer.


The written copy on your website and other media is as important as how they look. Whether you just need a pair of fresh eyes to make sure all your t's are crossed and your i's dotted, or want someone to write your website or other content for you, our copywriting services can help make certain your message is professional and on target.

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our work

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Image showing how site looks on different size screens; click on image to enlarge
Image showing how site looks on different size screens; click on image to enlarge
Image showing how site looks on different size screens; click on image to enlarge
Image showing how site looks on different size screens; click on image to enlarge

August 1, 2016

Responsive Design

What it is and Why You Need It

With the wide variety of computing devices and screen sizes in use today, responsive websites have emerged as a must under current marketing and usability standards. If you have a website or are contemplating building a website, you owe it to yourself and visitors to your site to know what responsive design is and why your site needs it.

Responsive design is the process of building a website so that its contents automatically resize and reflow to optimize the site’s appearance and usability for the specific device and screen size it is being viewed on (called the viewport). The accompanying images illustrate how a site we recently built for a client would look on a smartphone if it were not responsive, and how it actually does look on a smartphone, since it is responsive. On the unresponsive version, can you really tell what is in the pictures, read the text or see the links to other pages—not to mention being able to select one with your finger?

Based on the size of the viewport the site is being viewed on—in this case a smartphone— the four side-by-side columns have reflowed into one column that is the full width of the screen. (This concept is also sometimes called fluid design.) The four columns are still there, but instead of being side-by-side, they now follow each other vertically to create one long column which makes for much better viewing on a small device. Another significant change is that the navigation, or menu, bar at the top of the page has been collapsed into a menu button that, when tapped, opens up a menu that is optimized for the small screen size.

Responsive design does not require building separate versions of a site for different viewport sizes. However, there is more work involved than with building a nonresponsive site. Typically, responsive websites have three breakpoints, based on viewport size, at which they display the content differently, resulting in views optimized for four different categories of screen sizes. These categories are desktop and laptop computers, tablets viewed in landscape orientation and small laptops, tablets viewed in portrait orientation, and smartphones.

With the ubiquity of smartphones and tablets today, not having a responsive website can be costly. Treating responsive design as an unnecessary add-on not only inconveniences visitors to a site, it also leads some to wonder if the business or organization is as unresponsive and outmoded as its website.

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Image demonstrating how unreadable a non-responsive site is on a phone Image demonstrating how much more readable a responsive site is on a phone
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